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100 Knee Challenge

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The 100 Knee Challenge is Pathway Prosthetic's inauguration event to advance the philanthropic pillar of its organizational structure.  This challenge will deliver 100 G3 Infinity Knees to lower-limb amputees at *NO CHARGE ... specifically addressing the needs of amputees who do not have financial options to obtain this life-enhancing prosthesis.  


Roughly 1.3 million people have suffered the loss of a lower limb (AMPCOA).  Every year, approximately 150,000 patients undergo a lower extremity amputation in the United States (NCBI).


Sadly, over the past two decades, the insurance industry has increasingly applied caps and restrictions in coverage for Durable Medical Equipment (e.g. wheel chairs, crutches, canes) which inaccurately includes prosthetic devices. 

Prostheses generally have a useful lifespan of three to five years.  For many patients/clients, private insurers restrict access to prosthetics by covering one limb per lifetime or they often do not cover periodic maintenance, repairs, or replacement (AOPA).

Insurance caps can range from $1000 to $5000 whereas the cost of a lower-limb prosthesis can range from $5000 to $50,000; the high-end for a microprocessor enabled knee.  Depending on the individual's activity level and mobility needs, caps and restrictions place an undue burden on individuals and their families (AMPCOA).

Furthermore, the cost of a prosthetic device does include clinical costs for a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist (CPO) to build the necessary prosthetic socket/interface nor for dynamic alignment of the socket, knee joint, and foot relative to each other.

Pathway Prosthetics endeavors to disrupt this paradigm by delivering advanced technology in a prosthesis designed to bridge the gap between K1-level basic ambulation to K-4 level high energy/high impact activities.

Pathway supports all advocacy initiatives promoting awareness that prostheses should not categorized as durable medical equipment --- nor a luxury item.  They should be treated like other internal medical devices such as replacement knees, hips, shoulders, and even pace makers.  Like these internal medical devices, prostheses are essential to an individual's holistic well-being (cognitive, emotional, & physical) and quality of life.  Access should not be limited by insurance bureaucrats (AMPCOA). 

Ensuring appropriate access to prosthetic care is profoundly impactful with many benefits:

  • Ability to work with few or no accommodations

  • Reduced falls and reliance on assistive devices

  • Reductions in secondary complications resulting from a sedentary lifestyle

  • Improved emotional well-being and decreased depression, pain and disability

  •  Less dependence on caregivers or institutions.


1. Pathway Prosthetics endeavors to raise $1 Million in donor funding ...

  • $500K to purchase 100 G3 Infinity Knees

  • $322K Operational Budget which includes 3 x Employees

  • $ 52K startup costs

  • $126K to cover unforecasted costs and seed money to sustain Pathway's continued nonprofit operation.

2. Pathway's national campaign is coordinated with established organizations and clinics specialized in amputee support / care ensuring broad dissemination of the program.

3. Applicants complete the online application process.


4. Pathway's Board objectively reviews each application and prioritizes based on a set of established guidelines.

5. Selected applicants receive notification from Pathway that they have been selected to receive a G3 Infinity Knee at NO CHARGE.

6. Pathway coordinates with the Applicants primary CPO for delivery.  In cases where feasible, a team from Pathway will personally deliver the G3 Knee and assist CPO and Applicant with knee set-up and employment.



Legal Disclaimer.  Completing this application does not construe an agreement or promise by PATHWAY PROSTHETICS ORGANIZATION that the Applicant will be selected to receive a G3 Infinity Knee at NO CHARGE.  We make no such promises or guarantees.  Selection to receive a G3 Infinity Knee at NO CHARGE does not construe an agreement or promise by PATHWAY PROSTHETICS ORGANIZATION to cover any costs associated with the making of a new prosthetic socket or interface nor any costs associated with clinic support provided by a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist (CPO) or an Occupational Therapist.

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